Seasons & Shares

Please inquire about additional Seasons that cannot be on a public listing.


Thank you to all of our clients who made the 2016 a success.  Please give us a call in the fall for the 2017 breeding season.

During the summer months, we are busy selling shares, breeding rights and mares. Please do not hesitate to call Bob at 859/221-3111 or office 859/269-3412 to start thinking about the next breeding season.    Have a great summer.

Great buy, call or offer is what we consider as very good pricing.



Stallion Shares

Stallion Name (Click for BH registry)PriceMake a Bid
view Stallion RegisterColonel John15
view Stallion RegisterGemologistInquire
view Stallion RegisterPioneerof the NileCall
view Stallion RegisterRun Away and Hide17.5
view Stallion RegisterShacklefordInquire
view Stallion RegisterSongandaprayer2.5
view Stallion RegisterSuper SaverCall
view Stallion RegisterTrappe Shot52.5
view Stallion RegisterTwirling Candy(Needed)
view Stallion RegisterUnion RagsInquire (Bonus 2017)

Stallion Breeding Rights

Stallion Name (Click for BH registry)PriceMake a Bid
view Stallion RegisterArcharcharch20
view Stallion RegisterDialed In20
view Stallion RegisterJack MiltonCall
view Stallion RegisterLine of DavidOffer
view Stallion RegisterNotional1.8
view Stallion RegisterPaddy O'PradoOffer
view Stallion RegisterPosse8
view Stallion RegisterTemple City26.5
view Stallion RegisterWarrior's RewardOffer

Stallion Seasons